Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dedicated To Those Wrongfully Convicted

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Saturday, December 29, 2007


Land o' the Nephilim



Esther wishes to acknowledge all private, state and federal partners who are assisting with the campaign reaffirming the significance of the the right to privacy and Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees protection from all illegal searches and seizures by private citizens and public entities.

Esther decided that the only way she could keep and maintain her wild horses was by purchasing undeveloped real property. (Esther did not have a choice. She was banished and exiled out of the State Of California.)

After locating a bulwark infested property full of increasingly producing tumbleweeds, pepperweed, hound’s tongue, barbed hooks, spiny burs, goathead, sandburs, starthistles, creeping roots, and other unwelcome pests, Esther proceeded to spend countless hours laboring to reduce the aggressive dense monoculture that were creating fire hazards and preventing the hardiness of host plants that were reducing the economic values of her Klamath Falls Forest Estate property in Klamath County, Oregon.

One day, Esther decided to take a vacation. She went sightseeing throughout Oregon and California then flew to Oklahoma. When she got back, she found out that the selling owner MICHAEL E. LONG had hired ROGER BREWER to remove all of Esther’s fencing, her vehicles, and her other personal property off the Klamath Falls Forest Estate property that belonged to Esther.

After Esther found out, she made arrangements to have all of her property put back. Except, MICHAEL E. LONG and ROGER BREWER were not happy. They threw her clothes and shoes all over and scattered her property on 2 ½ acres in the snow. They then demanded that she locate all of her property and dig it all up from under the snow.

Well, Esther was living in a home with a little old lady (Dorothy Fuente). Dorothy attacked Esther and would not allow let Esther to use the dryer Esther had paid for. Dorothy demanded that Esther walk around in subzero degree weather with a wet jumpsuit.

Since the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals had ruled that it is illegal for authorities to seize property without first seeking an execution warrant from a judge, the county commissioners must have approved one for probable cause under community decay ordinances.

These involuntary abatement orders helped rid the rural mountain district of unsafe buildings and unsightly accumulations of junk because the owners refused to do the job on their own. Subsequently, MICHAEL E. LONG and ROGER BREWER were charged cleanups costs because they requested the court’s permission to pay for additional cleanups conducted on Esther’s property before a lien claim would be filed on their property.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

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